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Gshz-300 high speed Palmer


Gshz-300 high speed Palmer

It is specially used for PVC, The PET film material is formed into a drum bag like packaging by palming, winding and unwinding. The synchronous belt is fed into the frequency conversion motor to drive independently (Taiwan Dongyuan or ABB motor). The timco servo driven photoelectric tracking and rectifying machine is selected for alignment. The accuracy of side to line alignment is ± 0.1mm, the maximum tracking speed is 25mm / s, and the pushing range is ± 70mm (US). The tc9000 force measuring full-automatic tension controller is used for tension control, with pressure Sensor, tension control accuracy ± 0.5kg, kortis control, touch screen operation, 5.7-inch color screen (Taiwan), host winding frequency converter adopts cimr-g7a1p5
The high-speed Palmer is specially used for forming the film material into the roll bag packaging material. It is suitable for beverage label, battery cover, pencil cover and palm forming
Single arm unwinding
Magnetic powder brake and tension detector are used for unwinding to form a closed-loop tension control system
● host frequency conversion control
Magnetic powder brake and tension detector are used for winding to form closed-loop tension control system
The unwinding adopts the imported photoelectric automatic correction system
● PLC control of the whole machine, touch man-machine interface